I’ve always loved putting on makeup. For me, it’s one of most exciting things to do especially before going out. Although, if you’re a makeup lover like me, you should know that it’s only important that you know how to take care of your skin before applying and after removing it. The use of proper skincare products is so important because not only does it prevent our skin from irritation, infection, and inflammation but also protects our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and harsh chemicals found in makeup products.

When it comes to applying different skincare products on my face, I am very particular with what I use because my skin is very sensitive. Most of the products I have used in the past left me very disappointed because they did not live up to my standards and expectations. Although after some time, I have learned that it is also important to try different products so you know which work and do not work for your skin as it varies for every person. I had to be really adventurous at the same time patient with finding the perfect products for my skin but all that time spent searching and trying out products was definitely worth it! That being said, I want to share with all of you some some beauty essentials I can’t live without! Here are my top faves:


1. ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH: FIRST INSTINCT– If you are a fan of the sweet and fruity type of scent, then this is the one for you! It has a fruity and playful scent blended with a delicate balance of Sun-kissed Magnolia and Wild Orange flower that stays on for the whole day. I was never a fan of fruity scent but as soon as I tried this one, I knew I had to get it. The scent stays on the whole day and sometimes, even until the next morning.

2. KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE– I have been using this product for about a month now and I can say that it has worked wonders for my skin! It is a night time facial oil used to to enhance your skin overnight. I also I use this before putting makeup but it’s best to use at night so you see results the next day!

3. FACE MASKS– When it comes to skincare, my routine would not be complete without face masks! Every time I use my favorite sheet mask before I apply makeup, I am floored by how much better I look. Younger, no fine lines, no pores, less puffy…just BETTER.

4. LOREAL UV PERFECT AQUA ESSENCE– It’s the perfect sun screen for me because it’s water based and it has SPF 50 which is a good number when looking for a sun screen. It’s moisturizing and gets absorbed easily. Plus, its application is hassle-free!

5. KIEHLS CALENDULA FOAM WASH – I love products that have multiple benefits and functions. It’s so important to remove your makeup and cleanse your face especially before going to bed. The rule is NEVER to sleep with makeup on. Believe it or not, I am the laziest person alive that’s why I love this foaming wash because it gets the job done, even on its own. The best thing about this facial wash is that it leaves my skin feeling super clean with zero residue, keeping it fresh and radiant.

6. SLEEK MATTE ME LIQUID LIPSTICK– I have this shade in Birthday Suit! I really love the color but I do suggest to apply lip balm / lip primer before use so that it does not dry your lips out.

7. LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT POWDER– This is the most amazing thing I have ever put on my face. I think this is the best setting powder I’ve tried that works for my skin. I never imagined myself using this as a part of my makeup routine but if you’re looking for a product that will help you eliminate grease and make your makeup stay longer, I would definitely recommend this one. Kinda expensive but it’s definitely worth it!

8. SHU UEMURA LASH CURLER– Lastly, the most raved about lash curler. Now I know why this is such a holy grail item for most. I never considered buying it, but I swear this tool curls like no other. If you don’t have this you’re missing out on something good!

I’m no beauty expert but I hope this post helped you solve some of your beauty concerns! Let me know your thoughts down below!




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